Diocese of Saskatoon

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How Your Gift Helps - Reaching Out in Love


Encountering Jesus and seeking ongoing conversion and formation, our mission as a Church is two-fold: to gather God’s people to build up the Church as a welcoming community of missionary disciples, and to reach out in love as a Church in and for the world. The ministries funded by the Bishop’s Annual Appeal serve these two central parts of our mission as followers of Jesus Christ.

Reaching Out in Love

The Church exists not only to support our own members but to reach out to all of God’s people, especially those most in need. As a diocese, together we offer these ministries without expectation that we will receive anything in return, and yet, in God’s abundant generosity, we often find that we ourselves are deeply fed by our service, and that some of those who are served find a way into the Church, in turn building it up!

Spiritual Care

When people find themselves in need, the Church is called to be with them, to listen and to share life’s struggles and joys. These ministries funded by the Bishop’s Annual Appeal bring the good news to people in our pews and beyond, communicating by our presence that God never abandons us.

Hospital Chaplaincy - priests and chaplains are assisted by many lay volunteers who visit, distribute communion and bring the compassion of Christ to the sick.  Training, education and coordination of services are necessary to best facilitate this ministry, and are funded through the Bishop’s Annual Appeal.

Deaf Ministry - provides sign language interpreting services at St. Paul’s Cathedral and at other religious services as needed.

Restorative (Prison) Ministry - offers pastoral care to inmates and victims of crime, while also training and coordinating volunteers and engaging parishes in this ministry of healing compassion.

Community Outreach and Justice

The programs and ministries in the area of community outreach and justice advocate against poverty, feed the hungry, protect the defenseless, and build relationships of support that allow people to take their own steps toward healing and health. 

Marriage and Family Life - offers marriage preparation and enrichment programs, such as outreach for couples experiencing difficulties in their marriage (Retrouvaille); for those who are separated or divorced (Transitions); for those grieving the death of a spouse (from Mourning to Dawn); and families dealing with miscarriage (Miscarriage Awareness Committee).

Office of Justice and Peace - works alongside parishioners, ministries and community organizations providing education and service relating to Catholic social teaching, justice, peace and life issues.

Catholic Family Services - provides qualified personnel for counseling, marriage preparation, specialized programs and children’s services to enrich and sustain family life.  


In a world that constantly doubts the relevance of faith, our mission as a Church to be God’s unified people is more important than ever.  These ministries foster collaboration between parishes in the Catholic diocese and with our Christian brothers and sisters wherever possible, that the world might see Jesus reaching out in love in all of us.

Prairie Centre for Ecumenism - The Prairie Centre for Ecumenism promotes inter-Christian dialogue and cooperative projects at the congregational and regional levels.  Workshops, retreats, gatherings and educational newsletters offer opportunities for prayer and dialogue.

Ecumenical Commission - facilitates education about ecumenical work, provides opportunities for ecumenical dialogues and participates in ecumenical initiatives on behalf of the people of the diocese.

Rural Parish Ministry Grants - The diocese makes available small grants in support of rural ministry to ensure the continued pastoral presence of the Church.