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A Gift For Today

Why Give

Why Give – Because We Can

Giving is a privilege.  Giving to our faith community, giving back to God, reminds us that He has given us everything we have, and He can be counted on to meet every need we will ever have.  We learn to trust in and rely on in God.  Giving back is an expression of gratitude and worship. 

Generous giving gives us a sense of happiness and fulfillment. We give:

How to Give

The following are ways of making a legacy gift which ensure the long term health of the Diocese of Saskatoon Catholic Foundation while providing benefits to you and your family now and in the future.   Planned gifts are tax-smart, taking advantage of incentives so that you can make a significant gift while still providing for your loved ones.

Gifts of Cash

Make a gift toward current needs or a specific ministry or program you wish to support now and into the future.  Tax credits from the donation receipt are used to offset tax otherwise payable at higher tax rates.

Will Bequests

Campagne Annuelle de l’Évêque

Septembre 2017

Chers amis en Christ,

Les paroles de Notre Seigneur dans l’Évangile de Matthieu sont une source d’inspiration et un défi: `` De même, que votre lumière brille devant les autres, alors, voyant ce que vous faites de bien, ils rendent gloire à votre Père qui est aux cieux. `` La lumière du Christ qui brille en avant dans la prière et dans le service éclaire  notre monde, apportant l’espoir et la bonne nouvelle du salut à ceux qui luttent dans l’obscurité et le désespoir.

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